USDA rural housing loans

Understanding USDA rural housing loans

Due to the mortgage crisis in 2008, lenders have implemented a lot of strict conditions and guidelines for issuing loans. People with low incomes have been finding it extremely hard to get financing these days and that is exactly where the importance of USDA rural housing loans comes in. With the good intention of improving quality of life, the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) has been providing financial assistance in the rural areas and a huge number of people have benefited from their programs, too.

Applicants should have an income of around 115% of the median income for the area and they should not have any proper housing. They should be able to afford the housing loan payments, including insurance and taxes, and the credit history of the borrowers should be reasonable as well. The loan period is 30 years and the lender will prepare the promissory note interest rate. People should not worry about making any down payment. The repayment feasibility will also be decided by the lender with the help of various components like gross income, principal, insurance, tax, interest and family debt as well.

Benefits of USDA rural housing loans

1) 100% financing makes these  USDA rural Housing loans extremely beneficial for all people in the rural areas

2) Borrowers will be able to use grants and gift funds

3) People with reasonable credit can avail themselves of this loan

4) Lower interest rates can always be associated with USDA rural housing loans

5) These loans are uniquely designed to assist people with lower income

6) They can be an ideal option for people who want to relocate into rural areas

You can avail yourself of USDA housing for various purposes like purchasing, remodelling, refinancing and repairing a home and it can be used to relocate as well. People with a decent income will be eligible to apply for this loan and it can be described as a safe and reliable loan. Low fixed interest rate and monthly payments can always be associated with USDA loans as well. USDA loans can be classified into two categories and they include direct mortgage loans and US government guaranteed loans. As far as guaranteed loans are concerned, USDA guarantees only 90 percent of the loan.

In order to make you eligible for this loan, your property should be situated in the approved rural area and you will not be able to own another house within commuting distance. It can be said, without any doubt, that USDA rural housing loans have helped a huge number of people to realize their dream of having their own home.

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